Why choose Spybey Optometrists

Your eye health is important to us. Our range of services to ensure you can enjoy happy, healthy eyes for as long as possible in an affordable way. When you choose Spybey Optometrists, you can access:

• OTC advanced eye scans – an optical coherence tomography scan allows your optician to see what’s going on under the surface of your eye. This can help them detect any underlying conditions, like diabetes or age-related macular degeneration

• Big designer brands – plus our specially-designed own-brand frames

• Eyecare Plan – enjoy savings on glasses, sunglasses and eyecare products

Why have an eye test?

It’s important to look after your eyes, as they play a vital role throughout your life. Having an eye test looks at how clearly you can see, whether you need any extra support with your long or short vision and how healthy your eyes are.

By coming for regular eye tests, we can help to identify potential problems with your eyesight before they develop, but it also provides a window to your overall health. That’s because your eyes can be an early indication of common health problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

How often should I have an eye test?

Even if you can see clearly, having an eye test at least every two years is recommended for adults because your eyes change over time. We use them every hour of our lives, so it’s better to keep an eye on things and detect any problems early.

It’s also advisable to book an eye test if you’re experiencing any signs of presbyopia. Presbyopia is the gradual loss of your eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects, and is a natural part of ageing. If you’re having to hold books or your mobile phone at arm’s length to be able to read them, book an appointment so your optician can prescribe glasses if needed.

Getting children’s eyes regularly checked is crucial too, especially because they’re still growing. They usually get their eyes checked when they are a year old by a health visitor. It’s advisable to get them checked again at about age three, then at least every two years until they are 16.

During your eye test ?

You’ll spend around 30-40 minutes with your optometrist where they’ll use a range of checks to look at various aspects of your eyesight.  They’ll establish how clearly you can see near and far and your ability to change focus. This tends to decrease with age and can often make your near vision blurry. They can also look for signs of conditions like cataracts, which become more prevalent as we get older. Finally, they’ll look out for key signs which indicate how good your general health is and whether you’re at risk of any health conditions such as diabetes.

After your eye test

By the end of your eye test, we’ll have enough information to recommend the best options for your eyesight based on your individual needs. We’ll talk you through the options and put together a personal eyecare recommendation for you, which will clearly explain what we’ve recommended and why, including details of any glasses or contact lenses you may need.

If you need glasses, we’ll help you choose the best lenses for your visual needs. The dispensing optician will help you choose your perfect pair of glasses and help your frames to suit your face shape giving you confidence when choosing your glasses.

How much does an eye test at Spybeys Optometrists cost?

We consider our fee structure to reflect our expertise is commensurate with the time we spend with you – you can find out about our charges here

Charges apply for 3D OCT eye scan which gives you a whole new dimension to your eye test, giving more confidence that your eyes are healthy.

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