DVLA visual field tests

What you need to know about the DVLA visual field test

The DVLA have partenered with an organisation to provide this – however, if you fail this test or have dificulties with the DVLAs partner organisation, Spybey Optometrists can offer a private exmination for you and provide a report for you to forward to the DVLA

The tests are categorised into two groups — Group 1 and Group 2 tests.  

  • Group 1 drivers are those with an ordinary driving licence and 
  • Group 2 are vocational drivers (that is, drivers of large goods vehicles (LGVs) and passenger-carrying vehicles such as buses).

The majority of tests will involve a visual acuity test and a visual fields test. Only a few makes and models of field machines but only a few of them can perform the test specified by the DVLA to meet their standards and the DVLA. Spybey Optometrists, have the appropriate instrument to measure your visual fields for the DVLA.

How to book a private DVLA field test

If you wish to have a private driver’s visual field and visual acuity test, please contact the practice to arrange an appointment.

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